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gentlehobbit ([personal profile] gentlehobbit) wrote2011-07-25 07:11 pm

Swishing tails

LJ seems to be quite, quite down, and my Dreamwidth diary seems to be quite, quite empty.

Right now, crows and other birds are gathering on my eavestrough. I can hear the thunking and metallic clacking of their claws against the troughs.

Mishu can also hear them, and her tail is swishing back and forth in impotent feline rage. She is sitting on my desk in front of me and her plume of a tail is broadcasting her thoughts. However, no bird would ever be in trouble from her. She is a dear, but very domesticated. Nevertheless, ancestral instincts still rule her and that tail speaks of terrible fates should her primal self be unleashed. Birds beware!
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[personal profile] rabidsamfan 2011-07-26 02:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Some people seem to be able to comment and post at LJ, but I am not among them.

*headdesk headdesk headdesk*
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I love hearing about Mishu.

LJ is having a Very Bad Week!
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LOL on the primal instincts!! When I leave a dish somewhere out of place (when I'm bad and don't take it immediately to the kitchen), Helo acts like he's trying to cover it up, like he does after he does his business in the litter box. I read somewhere that that means that he's trying to protect us from predators who might smell our food that we left behind! :D